Learn How To Create a Sucessful Small Food Business

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The Seasoned Grocer

The Seasoned Grocer create online courses designed to guide you as you start and grow your food business. With experienced advice we'll help you take your food producing dream from your kitchen table to the store shelf.

The team at The Seasoned Grocer know that time is valuable and in short supply for the small food producer. That’s why we’ve created an online course that you can sign up to and follow as and when you have the time. No time lost spent travelling or interrupted production days. The modules are accessed from your digital device and guide notes can be downloaded. And of course, you can replay any session at any time.

With over four decades in the speciality food industry Stuart Gates is the perfect Seasoned Grocer. His experience in buying, operational and mentoring roles at Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and in his own specialist food consultancy gives him rich insights into the artisan food industry. A frequent speaker/host at traditional food masterclasses, Stuart has created courses to make practical knowledge accessible to all new producers, wherever they are based.

What You'll Learn

Creating a Food Business

When starting a food business there are some steps that are vital not to miss. Let the Seasoned Grocer help you create a sound base to your food business.

Product Analysis

How to find your place in your market. Who are you and how does your product compare to rival products.


Margins and mark-ups, the nemesis of any new food business. We'll help you understand how it all works.

Successful Planning

Producing a robust business plan is one of the first steps in creating a blueprint for your food business. We'll guide you through the steps.

Building your Business

From working out your prices to exploring selling channels and how to be a good supplier, we’ve got experienced, practical advice to share with you.

Presenting to Buyers

What are food buyers looking for? How do you get your product in front of them? We learn from an experienced food buyer.

What You'll Achieve

A Business Plan

This will be your business template. We’ll guide you to producing a clear business plan that you can refer to when planning finances, looking for funding, deciding which way to grow


What is the best way to present your product to market. What are the requirements for packaging. What do stores expect from brands. Where does social media fit in. The Seasoned Grocer can calmly help you through the marketing maze.

The Elusive Buyer

Our experienced food buyer lets you see the food retail business from the stores point of view. So you’ll know in advance what it is a buyer needs from a producer and how to approach a buyer that gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Want To Know More?

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